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We at Deluxe Stair & Railing Ltd have been satisfying customers in the Greater Toronto Area since 1997. Despite the recent economic turmoil, we have grown as a company and are continuing to emerge as a growing leader in the stair and railing industry. Whether it is a custom job or large contract for mass production, Deluxe delivers superior quality products in a timely manner. We employ a team of highly skilled and trained professionals using old fashioned techniques in a step-by-step process for perfection.

Because stairs and railings are a focal point in many households, it is crucial that our products are finished above standard quality and Deluxe does so with every job. We take every step into consideration in order to ultimately please our customers which we treat on a 1-to-1 basis. At Deluxe, we feel that our customers' ultimate satisfaction is achieved by treating every customer as if they are our only customer.

Feel free to browse through the website and explore the true craftsmanship of our finished products in the gallery. Don’t forget to contact Deluxe for any inquiries.

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